Land Record Section

Land Record Section


A dynamic and professional organization that delivers excellent land governance services and provides reliable land information for the nation’s well being.


• Manage, regulate and administer the ownership and use of land
• Guarantee the security of land tenure
• Ensure easy access to reliable land information


Services delivered by th Land Record Services

  1. Obtaining ownership certificate

  2. Obtaining clearance certificate for ,and mortgage

  3. Obtain approval for rural house construction

  4. Omission case services

  5. Registered land exchange with GRF

  6. Conversion of wetland to khim-sa

  7. Conversion of wetland to Kam-shing

  8. Lease of GRF land for Tsamdro and Sokshing

  9. Lease of GRF land for commercial agriculture farm

  10. Leasing GRF land for mining activity

  11. Rural land transaction

  12. Land acquisition and substitution of registered land