Voter’s Education Reaches Every Chiwogs; and The Dzongda Meets & Briefs All Party Coordinators

05 August 2018

National Assembly Election: In a move for a successful election in Bhutan as a whole, and Tsirang Dzongkhag in particular, the Dzongkhag Election Office initiated the voter’s education program in all chiwogs under Tsirang Dzongkhag starting July 18, 2018. The sector heads and other electoral officials were actively involved in reaching the clear messages of our beloved Monarch and the Election Commission on “Parliamentary Elections to National Assembly, 2018” to the maximum voters.

In doing so, the election office went extra mile by conducting coordination cum briefing to the all the party coordinators/workers from respective constituency and the Gewog of all the four political parties.

Dasho Dzongda chaired the daylong meeting with the party coordinators held on August  2, 2018.


By Janchu Dorji