Budget meeting on Dzongkhag Annual Grant 2020-2021

Budget meeting on Dzongkhag Annual Grant 2020-2021

10 July 2020

On 10th July, Dzongkhag Finance Section initiated budget allocation meeting in recent Dzongkhag Block Grant received from Ministry of Finance in the Dzongkhag Conference hall. Meeting was attended by all the sector heads and accounts personnel in the presence of Dasho Dzongdag and Dasho Dzongrab. Dasho Dzongdag informed the floor that propose budget by sector should be rational in keeping in back of mind of country's revenue.

Meeting deliberated on current budget consist of Mandatory expense and Controllable expense. Offtg.Finance Officer Nandala Mishra shared the attendees that controllable expenses shall not get top-up and expenses should be within the allocated otherwise it is breach of Constitution as per the Budget Notification.

He also told to rationalize the budget forecast and as this year need to submit of Budget Utilisation Plan(BUP) monthly unlike previous fiscal year.

Tsirang Dzongkhag received Nu.730.311m which is less of Nu.52.915m than previous financial year 2019-2020.

budget meeting