About District

Tsirang is noted for its gentle slopes and mild climates. The dzongkhag is also noted for its rich biodiversity; however, it is one of the few dzongkhags without a protected area. One of Bhutan's longest rivers, the Punatsang Chhu or Sankosh river flows through the district. It is the main districts where the Lhotshampa reside.


An economically vibrant, Culturally rich, Harmonious Dzongkhag with pristine environment.

1. To bring sustainable socio-economic development through quality infrastructure development,
improved nutrition, enhance food security and sustainable management of natural resources;
2. To deliver efficient and effective public service; and
3. To preserve and promote culture and tradition.

1) To increase rural household income and food security in the Dzongkhag
2) To enhance education accessibility, quality and literacy
3) To enhance health and sanitation in the communities
4) To improve urban infrastructure in Damphu Town
5) To preserve and promote religion, culture and tradition
6) To enhance efficiency and effectiveness of public service delivery
7) To enhance and strengthen local economy
8) To ensure availability of timely, relevant and reliable data/information at the Dzongkhag
9) To prevent corruption