Nimazor ECR

Nimazor ECR

Nimazor ECR is located in Nimazor village of Rangthangling Geog, at a distance of around fifteen KM from Damphu town. One hour drive downhill from the Geog office and the ECR stands exactly in the heart of Charingma, Gagaling and Sunkosh Chewogs.

The ECR was formally established in 2009 with help from the Dzongkhag and Geog administration and the whole community people raised the school structures.

Initially, the ECR was opened by a teacher in-charge Mr. Kinzang Dorji with 46 students. At present, there are two teachers with four sections: the classes

Chronological order of the Teacher Incharges

  1. Kinzang Dorji (2009-2011)
  2. Dorji Phuntsho (2012-       )

Name of the School/Institute: Nimazor ECR                 Year of Establishment: 2009                                                             Classes/ Courses offered: class PP - III

Total Students: 29 students                                             Total Teachers: 02

Male: 11                                                                            Male: 02

Female: 18                                                                        Female: 00

Support Staff: 00

Male: 00

Female: 00