Sixth Tsirang Sports Association's Meeting Held

Sixth Tsirang Sports Association's Meeting Held

16 August 2018

Games and sports: In a move towards healthy lifestyle and to reduce the lifestyles diseases, the Tsirang Sports Association (TSA) came together for a consensus building meet in combating the same. While it has geared up its focus in combating the same through uplifted games and sports activities, an inadequate budget outlay and infrastructure development has been the primary challenges thus far.

During the 6th TSA meeting, the President reiterated the member secretaries of respective games and sports to continue  in working towards upbringing the morale of every enthusiastic individuals. In doing so, a new executive member, a new football coordinator, and  a new archery coordinator was then appointed through a much appreciated unanimous decision among the members present. Further, to bring together the cricket enthusiasts, which is currently lacking in Tsirang, the members then decided to look for a potential cricket coordinator from among such cricket enthusiasts.

While a new archer association was also formed, a need to finalize the TSA logo and an admission of any aspiring youth archer for Olympic archery style with Bhutan Archery Federation (BAF) were also discussed to be encouraged.

Dasho Pema, the then new President of TSA  and an executive member to Bhutan Olympic Committee said "furtherance of development for better society should be the priority". Attended by 14 TSA members including executive members and member secretaries, the meeting was held in Dzongkhag conference hall on August 15, 2018.


 By Janchu Dorji (Legal Officer)