Vendors in Damphu Market Gets New Shed

06 August 2018

Development: The vendors in Tsirang got their much awaited new shed on August 4, 2018. The Dzongkhag Tender Committee (DTC) allotted fifty shed to fifty vendors whose allotment has been done through lucky dip based on priority listing maintained in the Damphu Municipality. Every vendor has to pay Nu. 150.00 (Ngultrum one hundred and fifty only) to the Dzongkhag as the service charge which was unanimously agreed to be paid by all the vendors present during the shed allotment.

To better manage the vendors shed, a representative from among the vendors shall be elected who shall then assist in timely deposit of the service charge to the Dzongkhag. In addition, no vendor shall alter the shed in any form or manner failing which the vendor shall be cancelled. Further, every vendor has been sensitized and accordingly agreed by them to better manage the waste failing which a fine shall be levied in accordance with the waste prevention and management statutes.

Vendors, when met on the next day (first Sunday after getting new shed), expressed their deep gratitude for such initiatives. Many claimed that they need not worry about getting a shed since they are allotted an each by the Dzongkhag the previous day.

Report states that few additional vendor sheds are in pipeline for its construction to provide sheds to new vendors, if any.


By Janchu Dorji