Postal Ballot Facilitation Booth's (PBFB) Result in Tsirang Encouraging

14 October 2018

Election: The PBFB voters in Tsirang turned out to an 94.12%, the highest turn over thus far. Of the total 1, 343 registered postal voters in two PBFB namely Damphu Central School and Mendrelgang Central School, 1,264 postal voters exercised their adult franchise at their own will, free and fair. 

Some postal voters expressed their highest satisfaction for providing such a plate form in casting their vote at their convenience. However, they expressed that the conventional postal voting system maybe discontinued. In the meantime, it was leared that turn out for PBFB is Tsirang stood at 2nd highest in radar after Lhuntse's 95.77% postal voters turn out.

The PBFB for National Assembly Election 2018 in Tsirang was opened by Dasho Dzongda and Dzongrab on October 10, 2018.


By Janchu Dorji