First General Staff Meeting

06 August 2018

Coordination (August 6, 2018): The Dasho Dzongda chaired the first ever general staff meeting after joining the Dzongkhag administration formally on July 31, 2018. The meeting began with a formal welcome address by the Dasho Dzongrab who, once again, formally offered the warmest felicitation for joining this agency. Dasho Dzongrab presented on “Dzongkhag at a glance” to better orient the gathering as a whole and Dasho Dzongda in particular.

Addressing the staffs therein, Dasho Dzongda informed that this first meeting must act as a  medium to better know among the Manager and the subordinates, and to develop a common understanding in the workplace. Mentioning the strategic location of the District, it has been made to understand that we make ourselves for such services at any needy time when called upon by the administration."Leading the Dzongkhag as a whole and the individual staffs in particular from among all civil servants in Bhutan is my commitment" said the Dzongda. 

Later, the Dzongkhag Election Officer advocated  on the provisions in relation to the upcoming National Assembly Election 2018. He highlighted the provisions of election act, the code of conduct as an apolitical civil servant and the requirements as a voters during primary and general round of election.

By Janchu Dorji