Dasho Dzongda opens the Posatal Balloot Facilitation Booth (PBFB)

07 September 2018

Election 2018: The Postal Ballot Facilitation Booth (PBFB) was graciously opened by Dasho Dzongda, the then ex officio Chief Election Coordinator (CEC), on September 07, 2018 at Damphu Central School. Prior to the voting, Dasho went around to inspect if the polling procedures were properly in place to ensure a free, fair and transparent manner. 

The Dzongkhag Electoral Officer Mr. Kibu Zangpo said "The PBFB shall remain open for three continuous days starting September 07-09, 2018 from09:00 am to 07:00 pm to ensure that all eligible and registered PBFB voters turn out to vote at the place of their choice".

There are two PBFB booth in Tsirang Dzongkhag namely Damphu Central School and Mendrelgang Central School.


By Janchu Dorji