Regional School Sports Meet (RSSM) 2018 Held in Tsirang

03 September 2018

Sports meet: The four day annual Regional School Sports Meet (RSSM) event for the year 2018 was held in Damphu public ground w.e.f August 30, 2018.
The chief guest, the then Dasho Dzongda, stressed on the importance of taking up games and sports as one among many life skills. "Regional sports meet is not a mere winning or loosing platform, but its a place to garner a better friendliness and to develop a happier environment among the gatherings" said the chief guest.

The RSSM 2018 saw an enjoyment of considerable independence in their respective categories thereby obviously securing their fun during the meet. Preoccupied with solemn and serious cause, an integral part in any sports meet, both the students and teachers came together for common enterprise of greater success on September 02, 2018. During the closing session, the Sarpang Dzongkhag was declared the "Champion Dzongkhag of the Year" which saw much applauds and commend when the Chief Guest, the then Dasho Dzongda, unfurled the victorious banner that stood secured in the sky.

The RSSM 2019, as mutually agreed, shall be held in Dagana District. More than 300 students from various schools in Dagana, Tsirang and Sarpang District attended the RSSM 2018. 


By Janchu Dorji