Semso Scheme, 2018

Semso Scheme, 2018


Semso Scheme, 2018


Dzongkhag Administration Tsirang



Whereas, the Dzongkhag Administration considers the welfare as equally important as health and safety, this administration has initiated the Semso scheme “of, by and for” civil servants working in the Dzong premises and the municipal office; and decided to review the on-going practices of providing these semso, do hereby enacts this bye-law, here-inafter to be called and referred to as the “Semso scheme” on August 21, 2018 as follows.

Article 1: Purpose 

This semso scheme shall apply to all the civil servants whether in station or on studies, during whose incidence of demise, as provided below: 


i.               The member himself or herself; or

ii.               The spouse of the member; or

 iii.           The children of the member aged above one year at the time of demise; or

iv.            The biological parents of member; or

v.             The biological parent-in law.


Provided that the civil servants on Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL), whether short-term or long-term, shall not be eligible under this rule. However, upon joining the regular service, the entitlement shall remain status quo and shall be eligible whatever benefits here in after mentioned.


Article 2: Membership  

All the civil servants “Working in Dzong Premises and municipal office”shall be a member. The membership shall remain recorded after his/her appointment order perse. 


Provided that this scheme shall not apply to those civil servants working in Gewog, Basic Health Units, Hospital and other institution that has been delineated and stationed in their respective working place.


However, the member shall cease to be a member upon transfer or suspension or resignation or termination, whichever is applicable.


Provided further that the persons who was “a member of similar scheme in the past” shall be eligible for such claims under this scheme.


 Article 3: Admissibility of the Semso 

Notwithstanding anything contained in Article 2 of this Rule, all the civil servants, whose tenure while serving in the Dzongkhag Administration and the Municipality, shall be eligible for the following scheme categorized here under:  


i. Category A:Demise of the member  

If a member under this scheme demises, then such member shall be eligible for lump sum of Nu. 30, 000.00 (Ngultrum thirty thousand only).  


ii. Category B: Demise of the member’s spouse  

If the spouse of a member passes away, such member shall be eligible for a lump sum of Nu. 20, 000.00 (Ngultrum twenty thousand only). 


iii. Category C: Demise of member’s children aged above one year 


If the children of a member aged above one year and above passes away, such member shall be eligible for a lump sum of Nu. 20, 000.00 (Ngultrum twenty thousand only). 


 iv. Category D: Demise of biological parents of the member

If the biological parent of a member passes away, such member shall be eligible for a lump sum of Nu. 15, 000.00 (Ngultrum fifteen thousand only). 


v. Category 1: Demise of the member’s parent in law“whose spouse is a member or a non-member” 

If the member’s parent in law “whose spouse is a member or a non-member” shall be eligible for a lump sum of Nu. 10, 000.00 (Ngultrum ten thousand only). 

Article 4: Deductions

The respective accountant, under the juristic control of the Accounts Officer as the disbursement officer, shall deduct the “equivalent net amount payable to the aggrieved member” as maybe applicable. Provided that such deductions shall be notified to all the members whose money has been deducted from his/her monthly salary


 Article 5: Co-ordination ce the officiating sector head as the case maybe, shall coordinate in providing the semso to the aggrieved member within such reasonable time line. Further, the sector heads shall submit such list of claimant to the human resource officer who shall then keep a record there under. However, the human resource officer shall be the rightful custodian of this bye law.


Article 6: Orientation of New Member (s) 

Any new member, upon joining this agency, shall be oriented on this rule by the Human Resource section and the concerned Sector Head.


Article 7: Amendment 

The amendment of this bye law by way of addition, variation or repeal shall be affected on the decision of the Dzongdag and the committee (ad hoc committee) constituted thereon.